A few words About Creative Nations

What We Do

Our Goals

Our organization is involved in numerous causes and projects.

We are more than a collective of Indigenous artists on a mission. We are coordinating a number of efforts–both big and small–to bring our causes and projects to life. We are more than talkers; we are determined and do-ers.

Accurate Representation

Our world needs more Indigenous representation, not just for diversity and equity’s sake, but for all the things that come with the Native way of life. There are aspects of Indigenous culture that are missing from the larger community. All of humanity needs Indigenous representation to reconnect with the Earth. Indigenous culture teaches reverence for the Earth—plants, animals, and even objects are to be honored. By fostering a relationship with the environment through mindfulness and conservation and moving away from colonial behavior, humanity can find greater peace, wisdom, and harmony. 

Focus on the next generation

As the 7th generation prophecy states, today’s youth are here to heal the world. This generation of artists is poised to do great things and needs a platform that will benefit one another and the whole world. The Dairy’s multiple theaters, cinemas, and galleries will be available to Creative Nations artists, along with technical and logistical support from Dairy administrative staff.

Inclusion & Balance

This is the Age of the Daughters and the White Buffalo Woman and it ushers in a rise in feminine energy to balance the masculine. By recognizing individual beauty and supporting the power within each individual, a more balanced union and sum of the parts allows the collective voice to speak with greater power and purpose.

Sacred Space

More than just a meeting space, a dedicated center within the Dairy’s larger facility that houses multiple venues, a cinema, and 4 galleries, will support creative exchange, new ideas, and multiple opportunities for performances and exhibitions. The CN center will:

  • House a collection of books, music, magazines and various publications for reference and educational purposes
  • Host guest speakers to share about various social, economic, environmental and educational issues affecting Indigenous communities
  • Be open daily and provide some art supplies to do individual or collaborative works
  • Provide technology to develop podcasts and Indigenous-led zines.
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Focused on all Arts

Indigenous people have always been artistic and creative. As an expression of human creativity, art can take almost countless forms, which is why we focus on different types of art. Here is a glimpse at the variety of art forms, mediums, and styles we are focusing on at Creative Nations.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts include but are not limited to Painting, Drawing, Sculptures, Graffiti, Murals, Calligraphy, Photography, and Makeup Artistry.

Applied Arts

Applied Arts include but are not limited to Architecture, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Carpentry and Interior Design.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts include but are not limited to Dance, Singing, Theater, Film, and Music.

New Media Arts

New Media Arts include but are not limited to Animation, Digital Art & Design, Web Design, and Photo Manipulation.

Literary Arts

Literary Arts include but are not limited to Literature, Creative Writing, and Poetry.

Cultural & Storytelling

Indigenous people are pioneers of creativity and ingenuity, which are present in our cultures and stories today.